2017 Material Colors

2017 Bowstring Material Color Chart

2017 Serving Material Color Chart



Jerome Bidault

Congratulations for your qualifing for the Gorld Games World Games in Cali (Colombia) in Field Archery
375 Unmarked Distances
385 Marked Distances

Steve Anderson

Park-n-Son’s Precision Bowstring’s Shop Shooter Steve Anderson Placed 2nd   in the Men’s Open A Class at Redding 2011 Trail Shoot. Steve shoots a Hoyt Vantage Elite Plus, dress with Astro Flight Strings and cables with 1D serving. Prior to the shoot Steve logged over four thousand shots with no signs of wear…The specs on his bow are still the same as the day they were installed.



Brownell Staff Shooters


Allen Conner

2010 Season

1st Senior Pro
ASA Pro Am Texas
ASA Pro Am Kentucky
ASA Classic
ASA Shooter Of The Year
1st "Senior"
IBO World Champion


John Wheeler

2011 Vegas Shoot

New World Record Highest score ever shot
in Bow Hunters Freestyle Setup
with 73 XS
using Astro Flight Bowstring



Shirley Raffray

2011 Ile de France Championship

Gold Medal
Junior Female Recurve

Using Astro Flight with
Bullwhip Center Serving


Alexia Deloison

2011 Second leg Youth National Tournament in Cannes
Broke 2 Records
National with 331 points at 60M

European for 60M for Cadette

Using Astro Flight Bowstring