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Compound Bows- with the development of new fibers every year, string materials are changing. Lower stretch, minimal creep and higher breaking strengths are available in many of our string materials.

Astro Flight- Our new material for 2010 is Astro Flight. This material provides all these features in one material. It offers low elongation percentages, very minimal creep with an extremely high breaking strength. After extensive testing over the last few years, we have found this material to be an excellent choice for new traditional bows, those with reinforced limb tips, compound bows and crossbows.  Pro staff shooters have found shots fired were very quiet, soft and a significant reduction in hand shock.  They have found this material to have minimal elongation and creep with excellent speeds.  Our pro staff recommends 16 strands for strings and cables.  We feel Astro Flight will reduce or eliminate the need to pre-stretch.  Astro Flight will revolutionize strings and cables in our industry.

Traditional Bows- Some of the new recurves and long bows with reinforced limb tips can use high modulus polyethylene string materials.   Our recommended number of strands is dependent on what string diameter is desired. 18-20 strands of material will work in most applications.  Some custom bowstring vendors are reporting that HMPE/Vectran containing materials like Xcel are receiving excellent reviews with traditional shooters.  If your choice is an older traditional bow or if you are not sure if your limb tips are reinforced we always recommend using B-50 Dacron.  Always check with your bow's manufacturer before using any other materials.  We offer a variety of servings.  Both end and center servings are available in a variety of diameters.  We recommend using .019 for end servings and .022 to .026 for centers.  For compound bows with smaller cam grooves a smaller diameter and serving is needed.  For this application we recommend using our mini serving, which is .015.  Choosing an end serving can be determined by the correct fit in the wheel or cam groove.  Proper nock fit can be used to gauge center serving diameters.

Crossbows- Crossbows have become a huge part of today's market.  New materials have been developed and tested specifically for crossbows.  Many of the newer crossbows are using low stretch, high strength string materials.  Some manufacturers have used our new blends for strings and cables with great success.  Our D-75 has been and still is an excellent choice for crossbows.  D-75 can be used on both strings and cable applications.  Testing of the Astro Flight Material is also proving to be a superior material for crossbows.  Some manufacturers have found Ultra Cam to work to extremely well for cables and yoke systems.
Depending on the manufacturers specifications, determining the number of strands and servings may vary.  Many factors come into play:  proper fit into the trigger assembly, cam or wheel groove tolerances and string push in the center of the arrow.  These are all very important criteria for proper string diameters.  Strength and string life should also be contributing factors.  Our cam EZ and liquid lok are excellent products to achieve longer string life. Pre-stretching your strings and cables helps to shorten the break-in period.  Brownell recommends no more than 300 lbs. of pressure for pre-stretching.  Strings and cables should be twisted.  We recommend 1 twist for every 2 to 3 inches of length.

Brownell materials are currently being used by some of the leading crossbow manufacturers with excellent results.  Brownell highly recommends consulting with your bow manufacturer before using any materials for compound, traditional and crossbows.

Bowstring materials Recommended number of strands

Brownell recommends 1 twist in the string for each 2-3 inches of string lengt

Astro Flight
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